Anonymous asked:

Would you say that having a sibling who is better than you at drawing is very motivational?

fancymarquis answered:

YEP. it was my main drive when i was younger to improve. When i was about 8 ish and my sis was about 10 we would watch ATLA and Naruto and just be losers, and we would draw. And she was always better than me. I would show her a drawing and shed say to my face “thats ugly”. It crushed me lol It really hurt. So i was like fuck you ill pass you (im sasuke uchiha). So i never showed her anything after that (cuz of embarrassment and i wasnt better yet) and eventually I grew better than her and here I am. Now she asks to see what Im working on on the computer and she says “I wish i kept drawing”  :* … lol SO ID SAY shes the main reason I am where I am today. She motivated me to get better and thanks to her art is my biggest passion !!